UIUC Cru Women
Alyssa Bertini

UIUC Cru Women

Alyssa Bertini

Welcome to UIUC Cru Women

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About Us

This is a new online platform for women of our Cru movement to connect and engage with one another in an entirely new way. We decided to make this platform online because that's a way we already connect with others every day! We wanted to have a space for specifically the women of our movement to be fed spiritually and to have the chance to form deep connections with one another.  

Why You Should Join Us

This is a space to learn from one another about ourselves, each other, and about our almighty, redemptive, and loving Heavenly Father. That last bit is really what we're here for. 

A Big Thanks

To the Cru staff women and all of you amazing Cru women who have invested the time and energy into building our community. We believe it will continue to flourish even in these unprecedented times!

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